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5 Things you Need to Know about Bike Parcel by Train in India

Bike Parcel by Train

Lots of people need reliable and secure transport services for their two - wheelers to the far distances in the country. If you are also planning to move to a new city, then you must be looking for the best way to take your bike there without any inconvenience. Whether it is about any trip to the Himalayas or you are shifting anywhere for your job, you can find out the right solution of bike transportation in trains. Many companies are available to provide services for bike transportation in the train so you can get the services.

When someone needs the services for scooty shifting by train, or Two Weeler parcel in the train then it is essential to know about some of the essential facts about the process. Here are the important points of the process when you are ready to send the bike as a parcel in train:

First of all, you will need to look for the central station near to your home where you can get services to parcel the bike. At the station, you will visit parcel counter and will know about the charges for bike parcel along with additional details of delivery.

After that, you will submit a photocopy of your registration certificate of the bike, and you will also provide a copy of the ID proof. It is very important to carry the original copies of both IDs during the time of verification.

After the inspection of the fuel tank, your bike will be ready for packing, and you can also get the help of the professionals for proper packing of the bike. They can definitely properly serve you with the use of batter packing material so you should go for these professional services.

After that, you will fill the parcel form and will provide all the necessary details about the recipient and his address. You will also give the details of your bike including the engine number, chassis number, and Insurance of the vehicle.

After completing the journey to the destination, the receiver will need to identify himself and will need to submit registration certificate and insurance papers of the vehicle. You will be able to send or receive the bike in the train only during the office hours so always keep it in mind to get the service.

If you also want to know about bike transport by train fare details, it will be possible by using online services.

Most of the people love to get services of professionals for bike transportation as a parcel in train to the desired destination. It is preferred because it is very stressful, reliable and safe way of transportation and you can cover long distances without inconvenience. If you don’t want to face any a headache during the process, it will be quite easier with the help of professionals who offer the services for bike shifting, bike booking in train for transportation. It will be very easy to use the services of these companies because you can search online and can get the complete details.