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Car Carriers

Car Carrier Services in India is the one stop place for all your vehicle relocation requirements. We know how important your car / bike is to you and moving it with utmost care is mandatory. Thus we have prepared a huge database of the most professional auto movers in the country for you. We put you in connect with car carriers from across India who identify your need and provide you best movers services. Browse through for all brands of car shifting services, car shifting in India and avail the best car carrier price and cheapest car carrier services now.

 Car Carrier | Car Carrier Services in India

Car carrier service or car transportation service is the process of transporting your car from one geographic location to another in a convenient and timely manner. You may need to use the car transportation service when you get relocated to a different city or you purchase a car from a different city in India and in both the cases if it is impractical to drive the car.

A car may not be simply a car for most of the people rather it is believed to be a priced possession by many. People not only thinks of car as a convenience which they use for moving from one place to another, but they love to drive and pamper it. There are lot of memories attached with the cars. This entire love for car makes the car transportation even more worrying and hence car transportation is the vital part in the whole relocation process. Safe & time bound transportation of car is of paramount importance in the whole process.  

It is advisable to use the services offered by car carrier companies who being professional in this field, makes the entire process of car relocation comforting and effortless. They take care of the entire process beginning from pick-up of the car, its transportation and finally its delivery at the destination.

Choosing the right carrier is the most important step in the whole process and below are some points to consider before finalizing any car carrier in India :

1. Mode of transport: Some carriers use truck fleet for transportation of car between source and destination cities while other use the rail network for this purpose. Choose the one based on your budget, time constraints or any other requirement. Some companies may not offer end point pickup and delivery but offer the service between terminals only.

2. Open or closed trucks: Some companies offer car transportation using flatbed trailers which is slightly cheaper & consumes less time. The main disadvantage with this type of transportation is that it exposes car to wind, rain, dust, snow or to other elements. The closed trucks on the other hand are slightly expensive but offers more secure transportation.

3. Registered carriers: It is always advisable to use carriers which are registered with the government authorities. Before finalizing anyone just check that their license is still valid.

4. Insurance: Always check for the insurance coverage offered by the carrier company. Carefully read the terms and conditions on the coverage offered. Always check the carrier company will issue an insurance certificate and clearly mentioning the insured value, coverage and deductibles.

5. Reviews: Always try to look for the end user’s reviews or try to ask some of the past users about their experience and if there are any things you need to be aware of before committing to any specific carrier.

6. Quotation from different carriers: Cost being charged by the carrier is one of the most important part of the transportation part. Always ask for quotation from different companies and lookout for the best value for money offering. Cost should not be the only criterion in chosing the best car carrier company.

In most cases, the car is picked by the company’s representatives from the end-users. The cars are then brought to the terminal stations where they are loaded in big trucks or are sent to be loaded in railway coaches. The most important part after carrier selection is the Car Inspection. 

Always ensure to have the car inspected at the time of pickup & delivery to ascertain that no damage has happened during transportations. Following are the important checkpoints of the inspection:

a. look for any visible dents scratches on the external body of the car.

b. note down the odometer readings.

c. Don’t gas up too much and ensure there is sufficient fuel to cover the intracity distance which is between the terminal station and the end address.

d. check tire pressures.

e. Uninstall or remove any accessories which are detachable or can be easily removed.

f. Ensure that there are no oil leaks.

g. If there was an agreement between the carrier & you that the storage space of the car may be used by you to transport any additional item then list those items to the inspection personnel and ensure that it is incorporated as part of the inspection list.

h. Handle the keys to the authorized personnel only after background verification & always ensure to get a signed copy of the inspection sheet along with some inspection pictures.


How we provide best car carrier services in India ?

We have a listed database of professional car carrier price and car carrier services from India who can provide you with no obligation quotes, charges, rates/prices for auto moving services. Just fill in our simple ‘Get Car Transportation Quotes’ form mentioning your auto relocation requirement and we will have the top 5 vehicle movers and packers from your city contact you with best deals. You can then compare and choose the most suitable auto moving company that suits your needs. So ask for a no obligation quote now and get a step closer to finding the best car shipping provider.

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Why do carbikemovers help you to relocate your car?

Car shifting process is quite trickier and hectic because in this process your time and money are involved at the sametime. It is a monotonous process. So you need professional car carrier services who will relocate your car from one destination to another without any scratch. Your car is not just an expensive item but also it is a very hard earned asset which you have earned after so many sleepless nights. You need a car carrier service in India who will efficiently handle your car and who understands how to move a car to a new location without any risk and who will be aware of all the challenges.

If you need such types of service providers then Carbikemovers will be the perfect platform from where you will find the top car transportation services without any hassle. We understand your shifting concern, so we have provided you a platform from where you will find the best and reliable India car carriers company. We promise to deliver cost-effective, friendly and secure moving services at your doorstep.


Why to choose carbikemovers ?

Carbikemovers is the most reliable and trusted platform where all the reliable car carriers services in India are connected. They not only ship your car conveniently but also provide you a timely delivery of the car to your desired location. We understand a car is not just a car, it is a costly item and lots of memories are attached with your vehicle. With the aid of your car you can move to different places. So our associated car carrier company puts maximum care to your precious vehicle during the complete shifting process and they provide smooth and safe transit to the desired location. If you hire them from us then you will not regret and your stress level will go down. You can easily trust us and we will assist you to get the best car carriers services in India and you will feel that your car is in the right hands. 


How Carbikemovers assistance beneficial for your relocation?

More than 1200+ trusted and verified car carriers in India are listed with carbikemovers and all these companies will offer reliable car shifting services. We provide you complete moving solutions like hassle-free services, affordable services, damage-free services and secured services. You can easily find the best India car carrier company through our platform. We provide a list of genuine moving companies of different regions which offer different types of services like car shifting services, bike shifting services, transporters and shifting companies in India. We have a largest trusted network of various moving vendors or agencies. All will provide comprehensive and flexible services. We promise to provide you quality services at affordable rates.  


Why people not prefer to hire Car Carriers Services in India

In India 50% of people do not prefer to hire the car carrier services in India because of the theft and damage and another big reason is lockdown. Few people think their services are expensive but in actuality it is not true. These are the reasons why people don't want such types of services. 


Guideline to hire Professional Car carriers in India

If you want to relocate your car from one location to the desired location then take professional help. If you hire a reliable service provider then your car relocation will be safe and secure. For that you need to research the car carriers.

  • You need to research online or offline. Or you can ask questions from your family and friends.
  • Punctuality and active services are beneficial.
  • It is better to know about the security policies and insurance
  • Before hiring, clear all your doubts, so there will be transparency in the deal.
  • Check the packaging and loading standard of the company.


FAQs abour Car Carriers In India from different Cities 

How can I shift my car from Delhi to Bangalore ?

• Drop a query to

• Get connected with trusted car shipping companies.

• Ask for best car moving quotes

• Enjoy hassle-free car transport from Delhi to Bangalore.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

Ans. Depending on the car type and distance to be shipped, car shifting costs are determined. These car moving costs may vary from city to city.

How much does it cost to ship a car across the country ?

Ans. As mentioned above, the type of car to be shifted along with the distance it has to be moved to determine the tentative car shipping cost.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Delhi ?

Ans. In addition to the above factors, the type of carrier used to ship a car will determine the cost of car transport. If an enclosed car carrier is used for car shipping then charges will be higher. An open trailer used for car shifting will be a cheaper mode.

Can I move my car from Delhi to Pune ?

Ans. With, you can shift your cars from Delhi to any part of the country. Our resourceful and IBA approved Delhi car movers help you with this facility.