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Bike Parcel in Train | Bike Parcel by Train Cost

How to Get Bike Parcel Services by Train?

Bike Transportation will become very easy and economical if it was done by train. This is the cheapest and safest option as compared with the rest available options in the market. Trains are efficient in providing safe and fastest delivery services. Because Indian Railways are having the largest network and it comes under the government. 
If you want bike parcel services by train then the following types of documents you required.

  • Government-issued ID proof.
  • Registration certificate of the bike.
  • Photocopy of bike insurance paper
  • Reservation booking Ticket 

Steps of Bike Parcel Services By Train

  • Firstly go to the railway station with your bike.
  • Then go to the railway station parcel office. 
  • Dont forget to bring the original and a copy of the documents. Now you will be asked to submit a copy of the documents.
  • After submitting the document, now you need to Pack the bike according to the Indian Railways. You can do it yourself or you can hire some agent who will do the packing of your bike.
  • Be careful while choosing the agents. Agents are not official members of the Indian railways. As bike transfer by train charges or prices are also not fixed. but the minimum charges are Rs 300.
  • Now you need to fill the parcel booking. Cross-check the details while entering the form like engine number and chassis number.
  • After filling the form you need to pay the bike parcel charges and you need to collect the receipt of the parcel booking. Keep that receipt safe with you. Without this receipt, your bike will not be delivered.
  • You can also mark some identity spots on your bike so that you can easily identify bike courier service or parcel your bike during the delivery. 
  • Your work is over. Now Rail authorities will decide when to transport the bike parcel, bike transport by train or bike transfer by train charges and through which train they will send the parcel. 
  • When the bike will reach the destination city warehouse station then you need to go to the warehouse station, along with the receipt, and take the delivery of the bike parcel. If you will be late for 48 hours then you need to pay a fine or some extra charges for bike courier service. 

Procedure for Bike Parcel by Train as Luggage/Parcel

Transporting your vehicle is not as complicated anymore as you just have to follow some simple steps. You can easily get the best luggage parcel services for the bike parcel to ensure that it will be done by the right methods.

You can find a professional company that will value your bike parcel and ensures that it will be done with the utmost care. You can not only save your money but also time with the premium services from the best car movers.

How to Parcel bike by train as a parcel?

When you start to search for methods of how you can Bike Parcel by Train, you have to just follow some simple steps. The experts ensure that you will get cheap rates for transportation and it will be done most efficiently. Along with offering cheap rates, you can be assured that it is the most efficient way of transporting your scooty shifting by train in India. All the work will be done and a proper manner to ensure the best results.

  1. The first steps to contact a professional company
  2. Discuss all the details regarding the bike parcel
  3. Learn about the pricing of the bike parcel
  4. Form of a contract with the professionals
  5. Let the experts take care of the work

How to Parcel bike by train as luggage?

If you want to learn how you can Bike Parcel by train as luggage, then you just have to follow some simple steps. It will ensure that you won’t make any mistakes and get the best results for bike courier service.

  1. Hire a professional company for bike transport
  2. The experts will pick up the bike at the promised time
  3. Packing of the bike to avoid damages
  4. Completing the paperwork for the bike transportation
  5. Taking out the fuel from the bike to deliver at the station
  6. Getting the bike from the station to your final destination.

Bike Parcel Fees & Bike Parcel by Train Charges

It is important to understand the Bike Parcel Fees and the bike parcel by train charges will depend upon different things. The packing cost or the porter charges will be around rupees 300. The delivery cost will depend upon the size and weight of the bike.

If you’re getting the insurance, then it will also depend upon the value of the bike. There will be a price declaration of Rupees 10000 and it doesn’t have any charges. After this amount, there will be 1% additional Bike Parcel by Train Charges on the declared value of the bike.

Indian Railways Rules for Bike Parcel

When you get the bike parcel services through train, then it needs to be done by following property rules and regulations. The Indian railway rules for bike parcel is certainly strict.

  • Always carry a couple of copies for the required documents
  • Give all the required information for the bike parcel
  • Keep the luggage receipt to avoid any issues
  • The bike should not have any fuel in it

It’s because of safety and other purposes. So, you need to ensure that you are aware of all these things. You have to follow Bike Transport by Train rules properly to avoid any problems with the Indian Railway. It will ensure that you can get stress-free bike shifting services by train in India.  Indian railway bike parcel will be charged as per authorized rates for the train by which it is to be transported. The bike transportation price will be charged based on the distance & the weight. Indian Railway is one among the most important modes of transportation to hold out your luggage or goods. Motor Bike or two-wheeler transportation is one among the parcel services provided by Indian Railways, which are less costly than other parcel services. It is one among the well-liked ways to move the bike from one place to a replacement city. When it involves shipping the two-wheeler vehicle on a train, you would possibly have many queries in mind. is the one of the best place for the Indian railways car transport rates. If you really want to save lots of costs, when moving your car, bike transport by train or bike transport in train from India railways that is the best alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I keep fuel in Tank?

One thing you must have to understand regarding bike transport by train, bike parcel by train as the luggage parcel is that you cannot keep the fuel in your bike. It is one of the rules, which is mandatory and you have to follow it. You need to ensure that your bike does not have any fuel in the fuel tank.

You have to double-check it before you take the bike to the loading. It is the reason why you have to contact the professionals as they can make this process easier and ensure that everything is perfect for subsequent.

Q. Can I Parcel a bike which is not by my name?

Well, you have to be aware of the rules and regulations by the Indian railway Authorities. If you are trying to partially by then you have to go through various paperwork.

It often includes providing details about the bike and all the papers. You also have to provide an identity card and paperwork to show that you actually on the bike.

So, this information is mandatory to ensure that the Indian railway can help with bike parcel or bike transport in train. Even if the bike is not in your name, you can get the identity card details and attach copies. It can ensure that you can help a friend to move their bike.

Q. How to parcel bike by the train?

The entire process of bike parcel parcel using train as mode of transport for bike transporting by train is not so difficult. For a person who is new to get the bike parcel services can face some problems.

  • Easily contact a professional company for the bike parcel
  • Get in touch with the railway authorities to get luggage parcel form
  • Complete the entire form & attach copies regarding the bike and personal information
  • Follow the rules and regulations and get the payment receipt
  • Take the bike to the loading place at the right time to avoid any delay
  • Have someone at the destination with fuel to ensure that you can feel it in the bike

These are some of the things that you can do to ensure that you can easily relocate the bike to the new place without any issues.