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Easily transfer your car from one state to another state

Whenever we buy a new vehicle, registration of your vehicle is mandatory by the law in India. This registration is necessary so that there is clear information about the ownership of the individual and the vehicle. This will help in taxing car owners in the right way. This information is associated with the license and registration number of the vehicle which is displayed as the number plate. This number is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) at the district level.

Whenever an individual shifts from one state to another and he/she shifts their vehicle then he/she needs to re-register the car in the new state. Then again the individual has to pay the road tax/lifetime tax and this tax will depend on the depreciated value of the car. After submitting the tax, the owner will get the reimbursement of paid old road tax from the previous state.  Nowadays many middlemen do the required work, on the behalf of the people and people feel this process is time consuming and complicated.  So here we will discuss the step by step process of transferring the car from one state to another.

Step 1 - Get the NOC From 

To get the NOC from the RTO. the owner have to submit two different NOCs of different departments:

  • NOC from the traffic police: This will indicate that there will be no fines pending with the individual.
  • NOC from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) : This will clarify that the particular vehicle is not involved in any accident and it is not stolen. 

Following documents required to get NOC:

  1. A letter addressed to the Deputy Commissioner of Traffic
  2. Copy of the car’s RC
  3. Insurance papers
  4. Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
  5. Driving license copy
  6. Address proof of the car owner 
  7. Clearance letter from the financing bank

Note : Ensure that you carry all the original documents when you visit the office for the verification process. 


Step 2 - Visit The RTO With Relevant Documents:

When you get the NOCs from the traffic department and NCRB, the car owner have to visit the RTO with the following documents:

  1. Form 28 
  2. Copy of the Registration Certificate and make sure it is attested
  3. Documents of the payment of the road tax 
  4. Valid insurance document
  5. Valid PUC Certificate of the car
  6. NOC from the traffic police 
  7. NOC from NCRB
  8. NOC from the financing bank 

After filling the form the car owner has to submit all the documents to the RTO and also the owner has to pay the applicable fees. This process will take a few days to receive the NOC. When the owner receives the NOC from the RTO, he/she can request for re-registration of the vehicle in the new state.

Step 4 - Re-Registration of the vehicle in new state

After getting the NOC the vehicle owner can go to the RTO office in the new state and for re-registration of the vehicle. Then following types of documents required:

  1. Old Registration certificate 
  2. Form 20 
  3.  NOC of the previous RTO
  4. Form 27
  5. Form 33 
  6. Copy of the attested address proof
  7. Copy of the valid driving license 
  8. Attested copy of the PUC Certificate
  9. PAN Card, Form 60, or Form 61, 
  10. Passport sized photos of the applicant
  11. Lending bank NOC 

After submitting the documents the new registration number will be issued in a few weeks time. You can revisit the RTO in case there is a delay.


Step 5 - Payment Of Road Tax:

When the car owner is required to pay road tax again in the new state then the RTO officer will calculate the road tax on the basis of the original invoice of the vehicle. The documents required:

  1. Application for road tax refund
  2. Updated and signed Form 16, 
  3. Copy of the new registration certificate
  4. Copy of the old registration certificate
  5. Insurance policy with new registration number
  6. Proof of ID
  7. Address proof

After the submission of the above documents, the RTO of the new state will contact the RTO of the old state for registration number authentication. The old RTO will also seek confirmation of re-registration through an intimation referred to as CRTI. Once the old RTO receives the CRTI, the refund request will be processed. It could take up to 6 months to get the road tax refund.