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Formalities While Relocating your Car InterState

Relocation is a complex process which does not limit to one area. You have numerous Rules for interstate car transport which is a hard nut to crack. Interstate car relocation becomes a complex process when you have a long list of formalities for interstate car shifting in india. Involvement of road taxes and documents is quite loathsome and tiring job. The legislature as an Interstate car relocation system is very weak and makes a person go mad. If you have not gone through the formalities for interstate car shifting, you better read along and get an insight how tiring it can get. Make your mind before Interstate car relocation and get equipped with necessary things you require for the process. 
Rules for interstate car transport are as weird as any other registration process in any field –be it gas, electricity, water, mobile phone and others. You need to follow the given below steps in order to follow the Rules for interstate car transport. 

1.   You need to visit the RTO (Regional Transport Office) to get your car registered with the new RTO. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways –Government of India has certain rules for Interstate car relocation if you are planning to stay in the new state for more than a year. 

2.  To get the new RTO you need the documents including original RC, insurance certificate, pollution certificate, original invoice and NOC from the previous RTO state. 

3.  You need to pay the road tax for the new RTO number. But if you already have paid the road tax against your previous RTO, you can get the refund against older road tax receipt.

4.   In case you are planning to stay in the new state for less than a year, you do not need to bear the burden of making NOC. For this case, you only need to pay the road tax for the new state and do not need to make an NOC. 

5.  Making an NOC is one of the toughest parts in formalities for interstate car transpotation in india . This NOC, No Objection Certificate, confirms that there are no criminal charges against your car nor are any dues left. 

6.  To get NOC, you need the documents taking account of driving license, registration certificate, valid vehicle insurance policy and local address proof.

 After completion of all the documents you can get new RTO and drive with complete peace of mind in the new state. Please note that it is better to complete the documents beforehand to save yourself from any hassle.