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How Coronavirus Pandemic Might Reshape Car or Bike Movers & Packers Industry ?

The Covid 19 Pandemic has forced everyone to re-think their business models and innovate on new fronts. Small and medium scale businesses especially are now thinking out of the box to re-shape their functioning of the business. Similarly, it also seems that this pandemic and the lockdown might reshape the car movers and bike movers industry as well. It does seem the packers and movers for car and bike might also be going a huge change in the times to come. In fact, some of the change has already crept in.

  • Increased Business Focus- To start with, the first change that has been seen is the level of seriousness that the medium and small scale businesses are showing now. With the two month lockdown in the country, the car transport services were halted and no bike or car shifting happened. Consequently several small businesses shut down. Taking a cue from these smaller businesses, the medium level businesses that have survived this storm are getting more professional in their business approach. The packers and movers sector which was largely governed by medium scale car and bike transport companies functioned on their whims and fancies. Now, they are re-thinking their entire system and professionalism is coming in. That’s how this industry will benefit.
  • Customer Centric- Secondly, the focus on customer is being seen now. All the car movers are realising that customer is king. So the same small transport services which earlier didn’t listen to the customers wishes but functioned at their own will are now adhering to customer demands. Once when you start functioning according to what your customer requires, it will always ensure that car relocation services improve. Thus the quality of shifting services are now improving. Focus on customer satisfaction and quality is ensuring hassle free and damage free car shifting in India.
  • Fraud Players Eliminated- With the coming of professionalism, the transport companies who duped and frauded customers have failed to survive. With most logistics companies following the ethical practises, the fraud transporters did not survive the lockdown and have shut down. Thus leaving the field open for only trusted and customer friendly moving companies to serve and professionalise the industry.
  • Automation- With the lockdown also came the lack of staff and services. This called for a demand for automation to ease this human dependency. Earlier the packers and movers industry hardly had any automation while now the industry leaders are recognising the demand for automating the steps. Carbikemovers.com is leading the pack in this step towards automation of their entire process. To ensure total customer friendliness and the dependency of human intervention, customers will ultimately be served through AI and ML tools and chat bots. This will not only ensure smooth functioning and lesser time taken to find the best car movers in India for the customer but also cut the costs for both people involved.