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How to File a Complaint against a Fraud Car Shifting Company In India

Have you been thinking of shifting your entire household and moving it to a different city? Have you been cheated online or offline by a so proclaimed car shifting company in India and not given the services at all! Well this becomes an acute case of the fraud and cyber fraud if you have booked the company online for car relocation company in India. If this is the case then you must wait for no one to tell you that it is the right time to lodge a complaint against such companies to get your hard earned money back and also to save other innocent people to get caught into their web of lies and cheating. It is therefore recommended that you should select a company for the purpose of car shifting and packing in India before actually booking it for the process. You must check the reviews and confirm its existence and the quality of the services given by them. In this article you are going to know How to File a Complaint against a Fraud Car Shifting Company in India. It is basically a three step process that you need to do to make sure that you are complaining against them correctly. Let us check out what these steps say:

 If you find you have been cheated, immediately contact someone in charge:

Before jumping to any conclusion make sure that the possibility that you are thinking has actually occurred, many a times it is just a lack of communication that leaves the consumer vulnerable to think that they have been cheated. As soon as you find something inappropriate about anything in the shifting process, you must contact the in charge person or you should visit their  transport website in India to get the contact numbers.

Collect all the evidences:

This is yet another important step to perform before actually filing a case against the company in cyber law against fraud department. Keep in handy all the brochures, receipt, the website link and most importantly the e-bill and the payment receipt that you have generated while making the payment for the company. It is very important to have all the evidences with you in case of the investigation that might occur; you must have solid proofs against those companies to claim that they have done a cyber fraud against you.

 File a complaint in the cyber fraud department and don’t forget to let people know about this:

Once you have collected all the n