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How to Know if Car Shifting is Genuine

For those who are moving to another state, the last thing that you want is the unnecessary hassle of Car Shipping in India. There are a number of transport service providers who offer their service for Car Shifting. But you can't just assume that they are the best. You have to make sure that the transport service will ship your car in good condition and don't have to face any problem with the delivery. You are paying them money which is just another expense that is making things hard. You can't rely on the transport service provider as most of them have not got much reputation. There are many people who have been scammed by the transport service providers. No matter if you are shipping your car out of the state or out of the country, below mentioned points will help you find out if your car shifting company is genuine or not.

Do the inspection by yourself

You don't want your car with a dent or a scratch on it, that was not there when you shipped it. Inspect the interior and the exterior, note down or take pictures on any dent or scratch that you already know about, before you ship it. Keep all the information with your so that it won't get lost while you move to the new state. Ask and read the question related to their policy in case there is any damage. Find out how they are going to compensate the loss. Make the second inspection on the delivery and if there is any new damage you know what you have to do. In case your transporter is making the delivery at night or the car is completely covered in dust, then the chances are that there is some problem that they are trying to hide. There are few good Car Carrier in Delhi who makes sure that in case of any damage customer won't have to pay for it.

Make sure they have a valid licenses and registration

All the legit companies providing Car Transportation in Gurgaon are required to be registered. They all should have their motor carrier number that proves that they are not a scam. Ask them how long they are in the field of car shipping across the state and country. This should reveal if they are in the market for long enough or not.

Check their Reviews

In our digital age, online reviews are the best way to know about their service of a company providing Car Transport in Gurgaon Reviews. You can easily find the reviews of these companies offering Car Transportation by doing a simple google search. Check the reviews from their past customers, check if they have enough positive reviews to trust them. Just beware of the companies with all the positive reviews, as they all the fake reviews and you know no one can be perfect.

Check if they are offering suspiciously low fees

Lowest usually not the best and same thing goes with the companies who are offering the lowest prices in the market. In case you ever meet the  Car Shifting in Delhi offering the lowest possible price in the market, simply ask them how they are managing to offer that low price. If you ask the right questions you can find out about the other hidden charges that they are going to apply on your shipment. In most of the cases, these lowest price offering companies end up charging the highest after applying all of their hidden charges that they didn't tell you while picking up the shipment.

Who is the Driver

Always ask for the driver's information before giving the advance deposit to the car transport company. Knowing about the drivers will help you easily track your shipment. Sometimes the carrier service providers try to get the deposit before they gave you the drivers information. In that case, all the scams will cause you the problem when you try to track your shipment. You can get their personal numbers that will help you stay in touch with them and you can get the precise option of shipment tracking.

Finding a reputable Car Transport in Noida  that you can trust to ship your car across the states or country is not that easy. But with the help of the points mentioned above, it becomes possible to find a reliable car transport service provider. Make sure to do the proper research about the previous services offered by the company. Also, don't hesitate to ask any query that you might have regarding the shipment of your vehicle. Now, whenever you need a car transport service you know what questions to ask and you will be able to know if your car transport company is genuine or not.