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Is it Safe to Transport Car by Train?

As we know, the Indian railway has been serving us for many years. Also they are always upgrading themselves on a regular basis. Indian railways not only move people from one city to another, but also they relocate commercial and household belongings. People can do car shifting in Delhi by train safely from Delhi to Mumbai or from another location to all over India.

Some benefits of car shifting by Indian Railways.

  • Cost-effective: We all know that car shifting is an experience process when you need to hire a professional car shifting service and if this car shifting is done yourself then it will become a risky process. In this crisis time where people are losing their jobs and moving for a better future, car shifting by train will be an efficient process because the car parcel by charges are not much and you don't have to spend more for shifting. Also you will save yourself from hiring fake companies which offer extremely low prices. Indian Railways will make sure that you get good services at a reasonable price.
  • Save your time: When you choose motorcycle transport by train then it will sure you will be saving much of your time. This is because Indian Railways are committed to provide quality services and they will give you timely delivery of the parcel at your destination without any delays. They will provide fast delivery services at affordable prices.
  • Damage-free relocation: The biggest advantage of a car shifted by train is that your vehicle will be delivered in a damage-free condition.  Because shifting of vehicle transport will be done by closed compartments and they will make sure your vehicle is safe from bad weather conditions or any kind of theft.
  • Government Approved: India Railways comes under the Indian government, so you will get reliable car shifting services. With Indian Railways there will be no chances of theft, fake people. Your car will be safe and protected.
  • Insurance Facility: when you choose car transport by Train then Indian Railways will provide you Insurance facilities. The facility will protect you from any damage. If anything happens then you will get a reimbursement and you don't have to bear any loss also.

If you choose car transportation in Delhi by Indian Railways then you need the following documents and also you need to submit all necessary documents before booking the services.

  • Registration certificate
  • Insurance copy
  • Your driving license copy or any identity card.
  • Pollution certificate.
  • Luggage booking ticket.

And then you need to follow the Procedure for booking car Parcel by Train.

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