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Organise Your Move with Car transport in Delhi

The problem of moving your car to another location without driving it down can be solved by hiring the services of car transportation companies.  The car transport companies ensure that your precious car is delivered safe and sound to the given address. The car transport companies offer intercity and even interstate car shifting covering hundreds of kilometres in transit. Thus, you are rest assured that your car will reach the city where you are relocating without any hassles.

Some important features of car carrier services, car shifting, and car transport in Delhi have been detailed here.

Types of Carriers used

There are many kinds of Car Carrier utilised by the car shifting companies. The reputed companies have huge fleets of customised car carriers. These include open trailers, covered trailers and containerised trucks. For long hauls, covered trailers and containerised trucks are usually employed. The high quality enclosed car carriers serve to protect the cars from weather and debris during long distance journeys over roads. The size of car carriers vary and the type of Carriers used depends upon the dimensions of the car to be transported. Car carriers with enough space for multiple cars are also available with the car transport companies.

Types of cars transported

Car Transportation service is available for all kinds of cars such as:

  • Small cars
  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Hatchbacks
  • Jeeps

Apart from cars, transportation is also available for two wheelers such as scooters and motorcycles.

Safety systems for cars

The main concern during Car shifting is to prevent dents and scratches. The car needs to be delivered in a pristine condition to the target address. To this end, the car transportation companies employ a host of security measures to protect the car. Some of them are as follows.

  • High quality safety chains and locks are used to secure the car in a fixed position.
  • High quality wheel stoppers prevent accidental sliding of the car.
  • Hydraulic ramp which prevents the movement of the car.
  • Special seat covers are used to prevent them from being spoilt.

The car keys are kept safe inside a sealed pouch during transit. The keys are handed over to the owner at the final destination.

Door step to door step service

Car Transport in New Delhi is on a door step to door step basis. This means that the car is picked up right from the specified address and delivered to the given address. Thus, the car is not driven at any stage of transportation. Once the car is installed in the truck or trailer, it will be unloaded only at the final address.

Efficient Transportation 

The drivers are trained and licensed. For long distance journeys, two drivers are provided. Necessary paperwork are provided to the drivers for smooth transit of the car through state borders and other checkpoints. The drivers may also halt the journey after fixed kilometres to ensure that the car is safe. This ensures flawless car shifting operation.

Type of Clients

Apart from private clients, car transport companies also provide service for car manufacturing companies. Reputed car transport companies do business with Renault, Mahindra, Maruti, Volvo, Volkswagen and other top car companies.


Companies offering car transport in Hyderabad use modern technology to track the car carriers. Thus, the customer is able to track his/her car at any point of time. The car’s current location is always known to the owner and the company.

Online booking

Online booking is offered by companies dealing in car transport in Pune. The customer needs to fill in various details on the online form such as email, type of vehicle to be shifted, shifting date, pickup and delivery location, etc. A quote is provided as per the details provided.