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Questions to Ask Before you Hire Car Movers in India

For any smart individual who has to move car within India, it is imperative to know how to go about it. Along with that, they should also know what questions to ask, what to do and what not to do! Since we are in the business of connecting car movers in India with customers thus we have prepared a list for you to make sure you know what questions to ask before you hire best transport services to move car. This is to make sure you get the best deal on car shifting and hire the most trusted car carrier services in India.

  1. Are you Licensed/Registered ?


The foremost question to ask any car relation company is whether they are registered or licensed. Some of the basic things you can look for are whether the company is registered, has a GST number etc. Also, for a very good vehicle transport company in India, you can check whether are IBA approved. IBA approved transport services are the best in the country and will always be reliable.


  1. Do you Have your Own Carrier Services ?

A lot of car movers in India are third party agents and do not have their own transport network. While that doesn't make them unreliable but it also implies that those car shifting services who have their own trucking fleet will be better equipped to look after your car transport.

  1. Do you Provide a Free Quote ?

Another important thing to ask is whether the company will tell you your car transfer charges free of cost. In other words, it means whether you will receive a no-obligation quote from them on what the charges for shifting your car be. All good car movers in India will provide you with free shifting quotes.

  1. Is the Quotation all Inclusive ?

A very important thing to ask is whether the transportation quote for shifting is all inclusive or there are some other components to it. You should ask them how exactly they are calculating the cost of shipping your car.

  1. Is the Car Covered for Damage ?

Since the car could be susceptible to damage enroute to the destination thus it is recommended to ask whether the quotation for car shifting covers any isurance for damages. Any foreseen events where the car can get damaged need to be covered and if their quote doesn’t have insurance then you can ask for moving insurance.

  1. How will the Car be Transported ?

Now this is a very important question to be asked in India. Since a lot of small car carriers do not actually transport the car in a valid truck but drive it manually by road, thus it is recommended to confirm this beforehand. Ask the car movers whether they will send the car in a truck or a covered trolley or will the car be driven to the destination.!

  1. Is the Service Door to Door ?

    Before you decide which car shipping company to move your car with, you need to make sure that they are giving you door to door service. Your task becomes easier if the company picks up your car from native address and drops it at the destination address. Some companies would ask you to drop the vehicle for shifting at their godowns and pick it up in the destination city from another place. This basically increases the work of the person who is shifting. It is recommended you choose a company that provides door to door service.

    The above is a good but not in exhaustive list of what all you need to ask your car movers before moving your car in India. Do a thorough analysis of the various aspects and then choose the best car transport company.