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Railway Bike Parcel by Train - A Budget - Friendly Move

Carbikemovers not only provides you with the largest transport networks to help you shift your vehicles but at affordable costs so that the shifting process doesn’t become too expensive. To make sure that your delivery process is hassle-free and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, we also make use of bike parcel services for long distance transportation. This cost-effective mode of transportation is preferable not only for the transportation of people, but also freight and other goods over short and long distances. As Indian Railways is one of the largest and popular modes of transportation that traces hills and valleys, deserts and plains at the minimum cost, it is only prudent that you employ its services for bike shifting.

 Along with a network that covers every part of the country the railway bike parcel charges are very menial one that can be afforded easily by anyone. Unlike the various shifting services which seek to transport vehicles by road through car carriers and trucks, the exorbitant charges can take a toll on your budget, especially when they increase with distance. Along with being expensive, it is also highly inappropriate. Therefore, for a budget-friendly move, Indian railways services for bike transportation is what you should be opting for.

The railways extend these shifting services to everybody in the form of bike parcel by train. This opportunity allows you to transport your bike in the same way as you would send a parcel. The normal protocol includes personally going to the railway station near you and buying the parcel tickets for your bike. You can either parcel your bike or transport it as luggage. Besides, buying the ticket for bike parcel in train charges you also need to follow some stipulations prescribed related to official documents and damage policies. These documents include registration confirmation of your vehicle along with license and other ID and residential proofs etc.

How does Carbikemovers help you in the process ?

Although the whole process is a welcome retreat from the already grueling process of bike transport, taking care of everything on your own is not possible. Even if you want to employ the railway’s parcel services, procuring documents and personally tending to all the requirement is not plausible. This is where Carbikemovers move in, to make sure that the transportation of your bike is not only affordable because of the railway's service helping you connect with transporters who are well-versed and trained for bike transport by train.

These transporters recommended by Carbikemovers are verified and approved by the IBA to transport your vehicles in pristine condition. Along with being hands-on with the whole process these professionals also take care of the legalities and preliminary obligations regarding the documents and tickets. Also, when your bike parcel train journey is completed, they deliver it to your doorstep in perfect condition, thus easing all your worries while making sure that you don’t have to lift a finger other than for clicking. With Carbikemovers for assistance, you find transporters who make sure that you get the best experience and no hassle and at the cheapest rates of the Indian railway's parcel services.