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Tips to Relocate Car and Bike Together in India

When faced with the pressure of relocation, there are some questions which become imperative to answer as Who does the relocation ? What mode of transport to use for shifting ? Do you do vehicle shifting as a whole or send your car and bike seperately ? These are some questions which need answering. What do you when your car and bike need to be relocated ? Do you decide to look for car transportation company and a bike transportation company separately ? Or do you choose a vehicle shifting company in India that offers complete services?

It just might be simpler and more convenient to do car and bike relocation together in India. To ease your stress of the same, we provide you with tips to relocate car and bike together -

1.    Hire an experienced vehicle shifting company - Choose a auto relocation company that has expertise in relocating both cars and bikes in India. Don’t bother about looking for car or bike specialist shifting services, look for someone who has experience  in consolidated vehicle shifting services in India. Such a company will be able to shift your car and bike together and there won’t be any stress.

2.    Choose enclosed Trailers - While enclosed trailers are hardly ever chosen for bike shifting since bikes need a cheaper mode of relocation, but when car and bike relocation is handled together, it is advisable to choose enclosed trailers. While the main cost will be to shift the car in the enclosed trailer, the bike can also be accommodated safely within the same carrier. This ensures that both your vehicles are in the same trailer, thus the chance of them getting lost is reduced to a minimum.

3.    Get both vehicles insured - While bike owners seldom choose to get their bikes insured during bike relocation but when car and bike are relocated together, then it is advisable to seek insurance. Insurance will cover the problem of losing anything on the way. While you will insure your car, a small extra fee will be charged for bike insurance. Thus get them both insured together and ensure an easy car and bike relocation anywhere in India.

4.    Choose IBA approved packers and movers - Indian Banking Association recommends some verified transporters to its employees for various relocation processes. For car and bike relocation in India also there would be some IBA approved packers and movers. Choosing these vehicle shifting companies make more sense since they are certified by IBA and meet certain set guidelines and would be more trustworthy and professional than the others