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What Major Factors Influence Car Transport Cost?

When one relocates to another city, then car transportation  ratesis one of their biggest shifting concerns. The more expensive your car is, the higher your charges are and also your relocation worries. So what do you do to ensure affordable car transportation rates in India? You simply look for an expert car shifting company which has a wide network across India and has the expertise to deliver anywhere. But even if you find a good logistics provider, how do you ensure the best relocation rates. We try to solve this dilemna of yours by sharing with you the factors that influence car transport  in India-

1. Type of car- One of the first parameters that influences car transportation rates in India is the type of car. If it is a small 4 seater car then the rates will be economical while for a luxury car like BMX or Mercedes packing moving charges will be higher. Thus the type/brand/make of the car is a big factor that influences the relocation cost.

2.  Distance to be moved -  Another very important paramater that makes a difference to the costing of vehicle shifting is th distance it has to be moved. If the car has to be moved on long distances then the packing moving charges will be much higher when compared to moving a few kilometres.

3. Type of vehicle carrier- The type of vehicle carrier to be used for transprotation also makes a lot of difference to its cost. If one choose to move their car in an enclosed carrier protecting it from environmental factors, the final packing moving charges will be more as against a regualr open carrier or a truck. 

4.  Extra services given- Some companies might be offering you extra services in addition to basic relocation. They might be packing, inspecting , loading and unloading your vehicle. Thus every extra service that is added to vehicle transportation in india  will also have an implication on the cost of packing moving.

5.  Reputation of company- the kind of vehicle relocation company you choose will also make a difference on your moving rates. If it is a reputed company that has been in the relocation business for long and has a reputation of its own then the packing moving charges will be more as compared to other local moving companies.

The above factors make a lot of difference to the costing of relocation for vehicle. But if one needs some tips on finding the best relocation rates then that purely depends on your bargaining capabilities, search capabilities and also your ability to negotiate.