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Why Self Driving is Dangerous idea if you want to Relocate your Car to long distance?

When people are planning to relocate, they often decide to drive their car to the new place. The idea seems fine when you are relocating within a city but in case of long distance relocation, it is a terrible idea. At first you will be very excited regarding the trip but soon you will realize that you committed a blunder when you think of car relocation options. People often forget that long distance journeys take a toll on cars and if a vehicle keeps going for 5-6 hours continuously, there is a chance that it will develop some glitch. If you evaulate self car driving versus car transport company, then the former is more accident prone and dangerous. Here are a few things which people fail to look into when they decide to self drive their car when they think of ways to relocate car in India

Tyre Issues

This is one of the worst things that can happen when you are are undertaking car shifting in India. A puncture in the middle of a highway is nothing short of a nightmare and you will either exhaust all your energy while trying to change the wheel or will spend a lot of your money by availing the services of a company that provides highway assistance. But, imagine if the same thing happens at a place where there is no assistance, and you do not have a spare wheel. You will be completely relied on passersby, or you will hitchhike into the nearest city, hire a mechanic and get your tyre repaired. The process does not seem to be a good idea at all. 

Mechanical Failure

If tyre issues are a nightmare, this is hell. You can think of using the spare wheel in case of puncture but what if the car suffers a mechanical glitch. Overheating is very common, followed by suspension issues and axle damage. These issues cannot be addressed by you personally, you will need a mechanic for this with the right tools, and you may also need to lift the car so that the mechanic can look into the things on the bottom side of the car. Most of the times, a person is required to transport his/her vehicle to the nearest workshop that has all tools necessary for repairing the car. This will waste a lot of time, money and you will be really frustrated. 
When you think of self car driving versus car carriers Company in india, it is better to hire a company that holds expertise in relocating vehicles. There are two big advantages in this. First, you do not have to drive for a long distance that will leave you exhausted. Second, the aforementioned issues will not come into the scene