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Is it Possible to Transport a Car by Train in India?

For everyone, a car is a valuable asset and no one wants something to happen to our asset. Therefore everyone wants to hire the best car courier services in India for the safety and security of the car. Everyone wants their car to go in safe hands and they search for the companies who will provide high quality of services, so that no damage occurs. Also people search for affordable car shifting services from one place to another. 

In that scenario car transport by train is an efficient and effective option. Trains are under government control and the car shifting by train is a reliable option and Indian Railways are having the biggest network they provide safe and secured car relocation at reasonable price. All the steps and procedure for booking car parcels by train can be found on the official website. Just you need to take the car to the railway station and you need to deposit the car as a parcel. So that they will shift the car to the destination city. A car courier by train will be advisable for long distances. 

Yes it is possible. If you are shifting the car to a new place and the purpose of the shift is to use the car to a new place then the car transport by train will be the safest option because they provide you transit insurance to cover the period of the transporting time. Nowadays few packers and movers also provide this service, so that car owners can rest and they will assure that your car will be delivered at your new place. 

Some tips if you want to keep your vehicle safe during the car shifting by Train

  • Take the transit insurance for the maximum time so that you can protect your vehicle. Taking insurance for more days will help you to give protection from uncertain weather, dislocation of the railways lines, diversion of the railways traffic due to accidents etc.
  • Always keep the minimum quantity of the fuel in the tank because it will help to go to the nearest fuel station at the delivery by the car transportation. Mostly you will find railheads fuel stations in the 5 kilometers radius. But if the destination city is having the small station then you can have a fuel can and you can buy the fuel by showing the railways consignment note so that you can convince the authorities that the car relocation is going to be taken for the delivery from the railway station.
  • Never stuff the car with any unstable material which catches fire easily. Always give sufficient and accurate padding to the glass parts, headlights, windscreens, window screens etc so that everything will stay protected.
  • Before handing over the car key to the railways, sign the endorsement paper. So that you have proof that you have given the car key to the railways.
  • Your registration number should be visible.
  • Always keep the pollution control certificate with you. This certificate should be valid for the state from where your car is shifted and at the time of the delivery you can arrange a certificate of the new state.
  • Never keep the registration copy and the insurance paper inside the vehicle. Always keep the papers with you.
  • Always keep the telephone number and email of the destination railways office.
  • Always visit the destination railway station for the enquiry of the vehicle. If the car arrives then take the delivery and if the car is not arrived then obtain an endorsement from the delivery office about the non-arrival of the car.

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