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The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Car and Bike Transport Services Provider in India

Many have learned to live with the covid 19. It may take more time than expected for everything to become normal again. This covid 19 has not only affected each individual's life but also every business and industry. Now there are new business strategies and procedure that need to be followed to survive this situation. 

Every industry including the moving industry has many changes in their strategies. These changes are important to be healthy and reduce the spread of the virus. When you hire a vehicle relocators ensure that they follow the new rules. Let us see what you need to look for in these moving services. 

  1. The social distancing and contactless services 

Social distancing is the best way to prevent the disease from spreading. This aspect is followed in every business. The professional bike and Car Movers in India are well aware of this rule and they are trying their best to offer contactless services. Now the movers do not want you to participate in the moving process. 

From loading, packaging and shipping everything is carried out by their expert team. You can direct them by isolating yourself in a separate room when the vehicle is moved. Also, if you have car garage then stand away from the space and watch the moving process. If you want to talk with the movers about the process then they encourage you to wear masks and gloves. 

  1. Contactless procedures and payments 

The expert car and Bike Movers in India have reduced the contact points of clients and movers. Earlier, the movers would approach you to talk about the process to give a quotation. However, this personal contact is restricted. The movers will arrange a virtual meeting to inform you about the Car Transport and Bike Transport services. This process helps you to arrange bike or Car Transport in India without any contact. All the important papers are also provided virtually for you to sign. In this covid 19, different online payment methods are available for you. 

  1. The extra precautions and safety measures

The superior vehicle transporters are highly serious about cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. Hands and surfaces are sanitized often to ensure safety and comfort. You can freely ask them about other safety measures when transporting car or Bike. Even at this time, they can take long-distance travels with protection. The movers are vigilant about the most affected zones. The access points and contacting other branches have also been restricted to ensure the safety of the vehicle. 

  1. The physically and mentally fit workers 

Many workers have been without work due to covid 19. However, the staff moving your vehicle is both mentally and physically fit. They are friendly and care about the customer so they make no contact with you at the time of moving. They can are best at car and Bike Transport in India


Bike and car transporting sectors are surely affected by covid 19. There are many cancellations of moving due to uncertain circumstances. Therefore, when hiring the best car and bike transport services consider these features.