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Bike Shifting in Goa

Know what to do before Shifting your Bike:

Bike shifting companies in Goa offers doorstep delivery in safe mode. It is delivered by taking your demands. Professional bike shifting movers in Goa provides even insurance policy coverage to your bike while moving or transporting your bike.

Delivery of your bike takes in simple steps of three.


  • Choose the best company of Bike Transport in Goa. And make sure you choose more than two for comparing the prices, quality provided.
  • Select the best shifting company and know about the company more. Ensure you are making a note of reviews, ratings, and the comments of the company in their website.
  • Get in touch with their customer care assistant and ask if any queries

While shifting, make up your bike:

Make a note of this:

  • Always ensure and note any damage is there to the bike.
  • Make sure that you record any mechanical issues of your bike
  • Click quality rated pictures of your vehicle from different angles

Make a note of these records and share it with your bike movers.

  • When bike shifting in Goa, you don’t need to full the tank. So, ensure that the tank is empty.
  • You don’t need to store the battery of your bike separately.
  • And the transporters will make sure of covering or packing your bike, so you don’t have to pack your bike.
  • Make sure that your items are removed from the bike.
  • If there are technical troubles in your bike, make it know the service provider.
  • Ensure that you check the tires

Cost of Bike Shifting in Goa:

Depending on the distance, terms, and mode of covering, the cost will vary. The average cost can range from 8 thousand to ten thousand rupees over a distance of 1000 km. If the distance is short, then you can cost up to 5000 rupees.