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 Tips to Relocate your Car, bike and Household items Together in India

Relocation of homes is a big task and involves moving all your household items, your vehicles etc to a new place. It involves lots of planning and diligent packing and moving. So how does one handle relocation of car, bike and household items together in a country like India? We provide you some handy tips on how to relocate your car, bike and household items,home shifting,office shifting,furniture shifting  together anywhere in India-

1.Choose a professional movers and packers in India- The first step is to hire the services of a professional movers and packers. Make sure you do some background checks and take feedback before finalising a relocation company. Do ensure that the company you choose does vehicle relocation as well as home shifting in India. They need to have the expertise and training of both bike and car shifting in India as well as household items shifting.

2.Prepare your vehicle and home- Another simple home shifting tip to prepare for relocation is to sort your stuff. Before deciding what to hand over to the packers and movers, decide and make a list of things to relocate. Prepare your household stuff that needs to be moved and segregate the stuff that you wish to discard and not move. Before car relocation in India, prepare the vehicle well, after doing the necessary checks. 

3.Choose single enclosed carrier- If your moving company gives you the option, then choose a single enclosed carrier to relocate all your car, bike and household items together. This home shifting tip will go a long way in protecting all your stuff. If you relocate your car, bike and household items together in a single enclosed carrier then you are not only ensuring that all your stuff is same but it is also together. Thus limiting the hassle of loading and unloading.

4. Insure your goods- Since you are moving all your car, bike and household items thus always seek complete insurance cover. When everything is shipped together, then that means everything that you have accummulated over the years is at stake. Thus insurance it well lest there is any loss.

5.Choose Door to Door service- When shipping all vehicles and household items together, then the task is more cumbersome than ordinary car relocation or household shifting. Thus insist on a moving company that delivers door to door service. Choosing a packer and mover who picks up your stuff from home and delivers to your new home should be preferred.

The above household shifting tips will come in handy when you choose to relocate your car, bike and household items together. Just be meticulous in your planning and you should be able to handle all types of shifting effeciently. And seek help from a professional and reputed moving company in India who can handle all types of relocation. With the wide networks of these companies, it is always an easier task to relocate anywhere

Posted : 6th August 2015