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 Useful Tips for MotorCycle Relocation in India

Motorcycle relocation companies can be found a dime a dozen in India but it is upto the owner of the bikes to ensure choosing a great bike shifting service who moves their beloved vehicles with care.  It is privy to auto relocation that the bike carrier service is chosen after checking through all options available. So how does a bike owner choose the best company for motorcycle relocation in India? We list out some of the useful tips for motorcycle relocation in India for youe convenience-

1.Experience and Efficient Bike shifting company- Making the decision for motorcycle relocation involves choosing the best bike shifting company for you. You can search for such logistics companies online, read reviews and customer testimonials, ask for no obligation quotes, compare motorcycle shifting charges and then make an informed decision. Choose that vehicle relocation company that has a good reputation and has expert and professional staff and equipment.

2.Documentation and logistics- After you have decided the motorrelocation company, then the next step is to do necessary documentation and ensure your vehicle is ready for shipment. Do all paper work properly which mention insurance covers, shifting charges, packing and moving charges, loading unloading, delivery dates etc. It is best to have clear cut timelines and charges mentioned to avoid dispute in the futue. After this you have to ensure that your vehicle is made ready for shipment.

3.Enclosed vs Open Carrier Service- One very important decision for motorcycle relocation in India is choosing between open and enclosed carriers. Now bikes can be transferred safely in both transport modes but open carriers are cheaper and enclosed trailers ensure that your precious vehicle is protected from heat, dust and other environmental factors. But the latter mode is expensive. Thus choose which auto transportation suits you more.

4.Packing and Moving- Packing and making a vehicle ready for shipment is an important process. Make sure that before motorcycle relocation is done, your bike is made ready and packed properly to avoid any damage during shifting.

The above mentioned tips are just some indicative tips to plan a motorcycle relocation in India.  It is of prime importance that a bike shifting service is chosen with planning and the whole vehicle transportation is managed properly. After all, your bike is very precious to you and when you relocate, it should also be transported to your new home with care.

Posted : 22nd May 2015