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The Importance of Insurance for Bike Shifting in Ahmedabad: Coverage and Benefits

The Importance of Insurance for Bike Shifting in Ahmedabad: Coverage and Benefits

For most of the people moving to another city is awe-inspiring. Amidst the enthusiasm and turmoil of shifting to a new place, people overlook certain changes in the bike insurance policy, which are mandatory while re-locating to a new town. Bike shifting in Ahmedabad offers financial assistance against all the damages caused to your vehicle or a third party after an accident occurs.

This type of security is required now more than before with statistics revealing that approximately 5 bike riders expire each hour in India.

Why buying bike shifting insurance important

As the figure of two wheelers is increasing on the roads, accidents, and associated unfortunate events have also augmented. It is not necessary that accidents occur owing to your carelessness but it can also be due to the fault of the other person. Apart from damage done to the vehicle, the physical harm and related anxiety, it can take a major toll on the finances.  These are some of the reasons that make purchasing two-wheeler insurance a cautious option.

Some of the benefits of of buying insurance while bike shifting are-

Your bike is legally compliant

According to the 1988-Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory to have at least a legal third–party insurance policy for your bike, if you want to ride it on the Indian roads. While bike parcelling, if you fail to follow this rule, you will have to pay a penalty. For enhanced coverage, it is significant to pick up a comprehensive insurance policy for your bike.

Protection against unforeseen incidents

Another great benefit of buying a bike shifting insurance policy are that it will protect you against adverse outcomes caused during transit due to some unforeseen events like theft, individual accident, accident or a third party liability to name a few. Investing in such an insurance policy will guarantee adequate protection for your bike.

Offers coverage against man-made and natural calamities

An all-inclusive bike parcel insurance plan will offer coverage against range of man-made and natural disasters like landslides, floods, theft, riots and much more.

Offers total peace of mind

When you have an authentic bike Transport insurance policy, you can enjoy complete peace of mind. You can re-locate your bike with assurance that you have an insurance policy that will protect you financially if things go haywire.

Need of buying a bike shifting insurance plan

Purchasing a bike shifting insurance plan should be considered seriously as any complication can arise on the way. Hence, you should be vigilant about what to buy. Some key points should be kept in mind before making an appropriate choice. You need to be fully conscious of the reasons as to why you are making the investment. Why you need to spend on the insurance and what are the expected returns on the investment. Comprehending these can help you opt for the best plan.

What coverage does the bike insurance offer:

Safeguard you against natural disasters

If you get your bike insurance, it will protect you against all the expenditure incurred owing  to damage caused to your vehicle against natural disasters like storm, flood, earthquake, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone, inundation, tempest, lightening, rockslide, hailstorm to name a few.

Protection against man-made calamities

An appropriate insurance plan for bike shifting in Ahmedabad will offer coverage against any damage to the bike due owing to man-made calamities that includes burglary, theft, accident, riots, any terrorist activity. The loss caused to the vehicle during transit will also be covered in this insurance plan.  The cover is for transport during rail, road, inland waterway or air.

Insurance cover for any kind of personal accident

Insurance cover for any type of personal accident is a regular feature of all the bike insurance policy and it offers coverage for person who is riding the vehicle against any injury caused by an accident. Though it is compulsory to purchase this cover with a bike insurance policy and it is also mandatory legally. So, it is important to avail this benefit. If you have this individual accident cover from your old bike, you need not purchase this cover again for your new bike.

Third party liability coverage insurance policy

This is known as 'third-party' insurance policy according to which the recipient of the policy is a person other than the insured and the insurer. This policy takes in coverage the legal accountability on behalf of the insured person, for any kind of disability or death caused to any third-party or damage caused to the property of any third-party.

So, it is important that you buy and renew your bike insurance while re-locating the vehicle, so that you do not face and dire consequences and regret later on.  Choose the insurance policy that offers a comprehensive coverage, is reasonably priced and has a decent claim settlement ratio.


To wind it up we can say that if you want to enjoy complete peace of mind then buy bike insurance for relocation from a trustworthy and dependable insurer. Your bike insurance plan can be further enhanced with add–ons for improved coverage. With the initiation of digitization, you can now buy bike shifting insurance policy sitting from the convenience of home or office. It has become a flawless process. However, ascertain that you settle for an insurance company that offers seamless and professional customer support and provides claim settlement ratio. This way last minute commotion can be avoided.