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Bike Transport in Bangalore: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Bike Transport in Bangalore: Common Mistakes to Avoid

The movement of vehicles from one location to another has become very easy. Vehicle shifting is quite common whenever there is a change in residential location to a distant place due to a change in employment or other reasons. The business of bike shifting in Bangalore is progressing fast, as having and maintaining a bike is very common in every household.

Bike transport in Bangalore is considered the safest and cheapest way of transporting bikes. It is quite true, as many have benefitted from it. But due to the hirer's negligence, a bike may undergo unexpected damages. Some of the common mistakes that take place during motorcycle shifting in Bangalore are as follows:

  • Unplanned activity: Normally, when a bike or motorcycle needs to be shifted from one location to another, the planning related to this activity must be done at least one week before the shifting date. This way, the person who wants motorcycle shifting in Bangalore can benefit by getting a suitable service provider at a reasonable price. If things are done hasty, the person may end up paying the service provider an excess amount.
  • Approaching the service provider in peak season: Normally, when a service provider is approached in peak season or when the moving company is very busy with orders to be completed, they do not focus on the order and do the process mechanically in a hurry. In such a case, the bike may need to be packed properly and may get damaged due to climatic conditions or mishandling.
  • Selecting the wrong service provider: Getting the services at a low price is good, but a hirer must analyze whether the service provider can give good service and have complete knowledge about handling the bikes.
  • Improper checking of the service provider: Whenever a bike needs to be transported, the hirer must thoroughly check the service provider's details. If the service provider passes the test, the hirer must hand over the bike to be shifted. The hirer must make a written agreement. Without a proper written agreement, the defaulter may steal and sell the bike, claim it as personal, or deny that such a transaction was made between them.
  • Non-insurance of the bike: Whenever an item is transported from one place to another, it needs to be insured to avoid financial burdens in case of accidents or damages, as the insurance companies will bear the cost of damage to the bike that occurs during transit. Sometimes to reduce the cost of shifting, the hirer may not get the bike insured and face the consequence.
  • Surrender of required documents: The service provider always ensures that when a bike needs to be transported, all documents related to the bike and the owner of the bike are collected. But due to overconfidence, negligence, or work pressure, if the documents are collected, the service provider may be fined or jailed by the inspection officers at the check posts as non-submission of supporting documents is considered a legal offense.

Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes while hiring a service provider may make the whole process smooth and stress-free.

What is the procedure for transporting a bike by train?

Bike parcel in Bangalore has become very easy. Bike transport in Bangalore is successful as transporting it by train is the best possible way and the cheapest among other options. Two options can be implemented while transporting a bike by train.

  • Option 1: Luggage: If the bike is taken on the same train by the passenger, the bike will be considered luggage.
  • Option 2: Parcel: If the luggage is sent through another train and the person sending the bike is not traveling on the same train, the bike will be considered a parcel. The following are some of the steps to be followed to send a bike as a parcel:
  • Approach the nearest railway station.
  • Inquire about the availability of the services in the desired location.
  • Submit the bike's RC and the bike owner's driving license for verification.
  • The bike needs to be neatly packed. The bike can be packed personally or assistance from a helper can be taken.
  • Details of the bike like engine number, chassis number, name and address of the sender, address of the destination contact phone numbers, charges collected, etc. must be filled in the parcel form. This helps in identifying the vehicle at the destination.
  • Submit the bike at the parcel office along with supporting documents and the parcel form; the respective officials give a receipt to the person after the required amount is paid as fees.
  • At the destination, the bike will be given to only the person who produces the receipt from the parcel office.


The duty of the service provider and the hirer is to follow the rules and regulations related to bike shifting in Bangalore. This way, both parties can stay stress-free and accomplish the task perfectly.