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Checklist Before Hiring Bike Packers Movers in Gurgaon

Looking to relocate to a new house or city? Then you must surely be confused about what to do with your bike. It has to be relocated to your new home too but have you decided who does it for you. Self drive shouldn't be an option especially for long distance transit. The best option for bike transportation is hiring a professional bike packer mover who can shift your bike safely. It will also mean less things to worry about for you since relocation is a very tough task. But before you choose a two wheeler relocation company in Gurgaon, there is  a word of caution. Some background checks, careful scrutiny are important before auto trasnportation. If you aren’t sure of what to do before hiring a packer mover, then read our complete checklist to understand-

1.    Experienced and professional staff- The moving staff who are the persons on the ground who will be handling your vehicle relocation are very important. Always check whether the packers movers company in Gurgaon has professional logistics staff who have experience and knowledge of two wheeler relocation.
2.    Preparing your vehicle- Always prepare your vehicle properly before hiring packers movers for bike transportation. Check for fluid and fuel level, remove personal belongings and loose items, check for any damages etc. This checklist of the bike is very essential to prepare it before auto shifting in Gurgaon.
3.    Decision on type of trailer- One very important point to check and decide is to whether you wish to relocate your vehicle in an open carrier or a enclosed trailer. Weigh the pros and cons of both and decide what makes sense. While open carriers are cheaper for bike transport from Gurgaon but they can expose the vehicle to external factors like stone, dust etc. An enclosed trailer is slightly expensive but gaurantees the safety of your precious vehicle. Thus make this decision before going with bike relocation in Gurgaon.
4.    Insurance checklist- Insurance is very important to auto relocation. Bikes and such vehicles are very expensive and if any damage happens during transportation, then it can set you back by a couple of thousands. Thus it is best to check on insurance charges for bike Transport before hiring a packer mover for shipping.
5.    Compare shifting charges- Before deciding to hire professional packers movers, invite bike shifting quotes from multiple bike shifting services. Compare the costs and see who is giving you the best service at the most reasonable prices. Always choose that bike shifting companies Gurgaon that offers you the maximum value.
6.    Check online reviews- To do a background check before hiring a packer mover always read reviews and testimonials by past customers. Any feedback by customers will be indicative of the service and quality of a company. 

The above mentioned points are just some of the checks to be done before hiring a professional bike mover and packer. Always do your background checks to ensure timely and safe vehicle relocation.