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Five Reason to Choose Genuine Car Transport Services in Kolkata

are you going to relocate to Kolkata and haven’t decided how to move your car? The ideal way is to go for a professional car mover in Kolkata which can relocate your vehicle with maximum. Some people feel that self driving is a cheaper way of car transportation services in Kolkata. But what if your car gets damaged on the way? Then it will mean an extra expense for you. Thus it is always advisable to choose a car relocation company. If you are still not convinced then let us list out the five reasons to choose genuine car transport services in Kolkata -

1.    Safer for the vehicle- A car relocation company in Kolkata will ensure that the car will be packed properly before it is moved. They will ensure that good packing material is used and the car is shifted in a truck or trailer for its safety.
2.    Not tiring for you- When you use a professional car mover in Kolkata then you pass on not only the responsibility but also the planning phase of shifting. Your effort is reduced and you don’t have to do anything beyond preparing your car. All the hard work of packing and moving is done by the car relocation company.
3.    Self driving is tedious and risky- Some people who are fond of driving choose to self drive to relocate their car to Kolkata. But that isn’t recommended all the time. If the distance to be moved is small and car has to be shifted locally, then it is still okay but if vehicle shifting over long distance is there then you should not choose self driving. It is not only tiring for the driver but also risky. There could be an accident or other damage during self drive.
4.    Insured and safe vehicle transportation- When you choose professional car movers in Kolkata then you are handing your car over in safe hands. Professional movers will insist on insurance cover also which will ensure that if your car suffers any damage in transit then you will not suffer monetary loss. The insurance company will compensate you since you have insurance cover.
5.    Best quality packing material- When you choose a genuine vehicle shifting company in Kolkata, they will ensure the best quality packing material is used while packing your vehicle. They will also have the best equipment for loading and unloading the vehicle onto the trailers. Their network of trucks will be good which will ensure speedy delivery or relocation. Thus a professional packers and movers is the best option for any type of car relocation.

These are just some of the reasons why a genuine vehicle shifting packers and movers should be chosen to move your car/bike to Kolkata. It is not only safer and quicker but also price effective to use an vehicle shifting services kolkata company.