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Reputed and Professional Car Movers and packers in Kolkata

When you decide to relocate, it is essential that you takesome tough decisions about the vehicle you own. Most often, it is the most expensive thing that belongs to a person who is shifting. You would be tempted to drive your car to your destination, but consider maintenance costs for possible scratches, dents, damaged headlights/tail-lights, wearing out of tires, heated engine emitting steam when you lift the hood/bonnet after the car has skidded to a stop in the middle of nowhere, and of course, the cost of fuel. You can sell off or donate your car before you relocate, but consider that option only if your car is too old and would be a burden. A new car in a new place is rather a huge investment.

If you choose to move your car along with your household belongings in the same carrier vehicle, using the services of a professional packers and movers in Kolkata, then you have to think about the possibilities that the car may be damaged in ways not covered by insurance. Costs will also increase because most packers and movers factor in the weight of the consignment in their charges, and your car is not at all light.

These are reasons enough why you should think of using the services of a good car transport service in Kolkata . These can easily burn a hole in your pocket, and damage your precious possession. Let a professional car packers & movers in Kolkata take care of your car.

1.Reputed car packers movers come with good feedback- To locate a genuine, reputed and professional car movers company, check first for reports on grievances and complaints, successful resolution of grievances, if any, and the level of customer satisfaction. No company is perfect, but the best car transport company In Kolkata should be able to resolve problems successfully.

2. Reputed packers come with experience and accreditation-  A reputed car movers company in Kolkata would be likely to have some kind of certification/accreditation. The Indian Banks' Association provides its Members with a list of transport companies that may be given a loan. While this does not act as a guarantee against a fraudulent company, the IBA-approval means that the car transport company is professional. It has adhered to certain criteria and qualifies as one of the best car transport companies. ISO 9000 and other quality management certifications also count. Check the company’s balance sheet to confirm it is genuine.

3. Reputed car packer companies offer several services- Ask at least 3 companies for a free quote. Check the insurance policy offered by each. It might be worthwhile to check out the car carriers. Ideally, they should be closed containers with hydraulic ramps to load/unload the vehicle, and clamps to put the wheels in place so the car does not move during transport. The best car transporters would also know that stopping at a terminal, unloading, and reloading would cause damage to the vehicle. The transit must happen with loading at departure and unloading at destination.

Reputed companies will wash the car and perform a meticulous inspection of its status, from the windows and dashboard to the condition of the seats, the paint, any scratches or dents, and also the mileage, and the petrol gauge. Professional car transport in kolkata would ask you to sign that report after the full inspection. When the car is delivered, a similarly thorough check should be done so that any damage can be compensated for by the insurance company. Coordinate the pickup and the delivery so that the car leaves when you do and arrives at your new home at exactly the scheduled time, in a smooth and neat process, with minimum- if any- damage to the car.