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Get Transportation Quotes and Charges for Transporting Vehicle from Delhi to Mumbai

It’s not every day that you use car carrier services. Obviously, when you get a quote from a company, you wouldn’t know what to check and confirm. And I am sure that when you searched for the best car carrier services, comparing quotes from different companies is a way to find the best one. But how can you do without knowing what transportation quotes are?

To help you with your quest, this article has the factors which have a direct impact on transportation quotes. Knowing these details will help you make an informed choice.

The size and weight of the car

These are the primary factors that affect your quote. Car carriers got limits in terms of weight and space which is why the quotes change for different cars. Big and heavy cars are expensive to transport mainly because of fuel usage. That’s why online quote calculators ask for the car’s size and weight to give a cost estimate.

Travel distance

Another major factor that affects the costs involved in the travel distance between the 2 locations. If the car has a long way to reach its destination, the cost of the services will increase. This is due to labor costs, fuel costs, and tolls that the price increases.

Method of transportation

In this industry, there are 2 types of shipping available – open-air and closed carrier. The open-air type costs less than the closed type. This is because you can transport more cars in a single-vehicle.

The only downside is that the open-air type allows the weather conditions to affect the car. So, there is a risk for the vehicle to get damaged. But if the safety of your car is your priority, you can opt for a closed carrier type of transport.


This can also affect the quoted price. Like other businesses, there are low and high seasons here as well. It is cheaper to transport your car during summer than in winter.

Given the time limit

How soon you want your car back will also determine the cost. The company does careful planning to make sure they deliver around your requested time. Depending on your flexibility, you can choose the time frame. Or if you are in a hurry, you can get your car soon at an extra cost.

Fuel price

This is not a major influencing factor like the rest. The prices of fuel experience constant fluctuation which affects the quote. So, if the current prices of the fuel inflated, then the cost of transporting your car will also increase. And when the fuel prices drop, the quoted price drops too. But the overall difference is not a drastic one.

The bottom line

The above factors affect the cost that you will be paying for transporting your car. But, remember this – the costs for all cities and states are not the same. So, compare quotes from different companies and choose the right one for you.