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How to Transport Bike from Mumbai to Bangalore by Train?

Indian Railways are having the biggest rail network and it is the fourth-largest railway network in the world. Many companies use this medium for the transportation of their goods and luggage. Indian Railways also provide bike relocation services by their luggage trains. These trains are specially designed to carry goods and luggage from part to another part of the country. These trains are specially used for long-distance transportation of luggage.  

Bike Transportation is the safest and the cheapest way. If you are looking for bike transportation services from Mumbai to Bangalore by train then, this will be a simple and economical way for you and you will get the fastest delivery also. There are two ways of bike relocation can be done using the trains from Mumbai to Bangalore.

  • Luggage

  • Parcel 

If you use the luggage option for bike shifting then you can take a bike along with you on the same train and if you choose a parcel then your bike will be packed in the form of a parcel and then it will be delivered to the destination city through any other train and decision of the train and date will be taken by rail authorities. If you are thinking to relocate your vehicle or bike through trains, then must be you are having many questions. Few common questions are:

  • How bike will be relocated by train?

  • What are the charges?

  • What will be the procedure?

  • How to book bike relocation services?

  • Is it possible to proceed with the bike parcel on the train as luggage?

How to Transport Bike from Mumbai to Bangalore by Train as a Parcel

  •  Firstly you need to go to the central Mumbai railways station.

  • Then look for the parcel counter and do some inquiry about the bike parcel procedure and its charges. It is always better to know things in advance. If you are carrying the document then it's ok, otherwise, you need to revisit the railway station for the booking.

  • The next step is to submit the document like RC of the bike and your ID proof. Always carry original and copy of the documents. Original requires for verification and copy you need to submit.

  • After submitting the document you need to pack your bike. You can do it yourself or you can hire some agent who will do the packing of your bike. The minimum cost will be Rs 300 and it depends on what type of packing material you are using for the packing of the bike.

  • Now your bike is ready for the journey, just you need to fill parcel form where all the details you need to write like the recipient & address, the cost of the parcel you are sending, the bike’s engine, and the chassis number.

  • Now deposit your bike in the parcel luggage office and dont forget to take a receipt of the bike because without this receipt your bike will not be delivered.

How to transport bike by train as luggage from Mumbai to Bangalore

  • Firstly visit the Central Mumbai railways station with documents like RC, ID proof, etc., and also carry train reservation ticket.

  • Go to the luggage office and fill the bike transport form and submit your bike. Make sure your bike is properly packed. After submitting the bike take the receipt and keep it safe with you.

  • Then Wait for your train. When the train arrives make sure your bike is getting loaded to the same train. so that the bike will be transported along with you on the same train.

  • After reaching your destination, go to the luggage office. Show the original ticket and the luggage receipt. And take the delivery of the bike.