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How to Prepare Your Car for Transportation with a Pune Car Carrier

How to Prepare Your Car for Transportation with a Pune Car Carrier

Vehicle transportation is a challenging task that requires lot of planning. In modern times, there are also chances of fraud as you deal with car transportation companies.  For car transportation in Pune or car shifting, it is crucial to hiring the city’s best and reputed Car transportation service  . The professional car carriers in Pune will help you save a lot of time, money, and effort by providing reliable car transport service.

 Even, if you plan to avail the services of a reliable car carrier in Pune to get the car transported you must prepare the car properly for transportation to avoid additional expenses and possible damages.

 Tips to prepare your car for transportation

  • The primary step that needs to be done for car transportation is to prepare your vehicle, so that   it can be transported and delivered safely and efficiently. Preparing the car will help reduce any damage, or scratches, and dents that can cause damage to the vehicle during the transit.
  • Start from dusting off the loose dirt
  • Wash your car thoroughly before you call for professional car transport service
  • Empty the car completely to do deep cleaning
  • It is important to remove all redundant and loose items in the car before you start packing up the vehicle for shifting.
  • Clean the inside of your vehicle thoroughly. Once the dust and dirt is removed, you will be able to easily identify the scratches, and dents.
  • Get rid of all superfluous items such as air freshener, spare charger, TV screen, speakers, etc. in the car to avoid them from being tossed around inside the vehicle while transporting.
  • Detract the antenna and side mirrors in case they can be removed
  • If your side view mirrors can be folded in, you should fold them in.
  • It is also a good idea to remove all customized accessories from the vehicle to avoid breaking during the transit process
  • Avoid fuelling up your car fully. This will increase weight of the car unnecessarily and you will have to pay extra charges for the vehicle during transportation.
  • .It is advisable to keep it at the 1/4th level of the fuel tank.
  • check for any leaks in the vehicle before loading
  • Disable any alarm  system
  • Deactivate or remove your toll tags
  • Ensure that  the batteries are charged, and the sunroof is  tightly closed
  • Check the tire pressure. Over-inflated or under-inflated tires are risky during transportation. They can cause unnecessary tire damage
  • Make sure there’s antifreeze in the radiator
  • Lock the car properly before loading into the transportation truck to minimize the risk of theft during car shifting.  This will also eliminate possibilities of the vehicle being opened up.
  • Have a mechanic tune up the engine and eliminate any mechanical problems before your car is picked up for transport.

Inspect your car

  • After preparing the car properly for transportation, it is important to inspect it in person before it is delivered to the shipper.
  • Make sure that you examine the car from top to bottom so that you can identify the damages caused during transportation after unloading takes place
  • Take clear photos of the car at all angles. Also click the reading of the odometer before pick up.

 Tips to ensure the safety of your car and efficient delivery

  • Inquire about the cost of transportation , mode of payment, and insurance
  • get quotes from multiple car carriers companies, compare, and decide
  • Ascertain clearly the charges to avoid hassles layer on
  • Confirm modes of payment, and payment terms beforehand
  • Check the insurance coverage. Inform the insurance agent  immediately about your decision to transport the car
  • Getting your car insurance done is an important part of preparation as it will cover the entire amount for the repair of your car in case of any damage or injury.
  • Check for cancellation fees in case your plan gets changed or dropped suddenly and avoid penalization.
  • Always demand the written contract before paying the advance token of money.
  • There are always chances of theft, damage or accident to the vehicle during transportation.
  • You can opt for enclosed road transportation. However, this will add to the expenses but, will protect the car from road debris.

Proficient car carriers in Pune handle the car transportation efficiently by using a multi-car carrying truck. They deliver the vehicle to your desired location.  Start with the online search of professional and trusted car carrier in Pune. Professional car transport companies in Pune specialize in helping you in the car transportation process so that relocation becomes stress-free.

Select the best car transport service in pune

  • It is important to select and book reliable Car Transport service provider that ensure hassle free and secure car transport in Pune.
  • Ensure that car transport services, offer you affordable car shipping package as per your requirements
  • Choose a car transport service that delivers your car safely, undamaged and on time
  • Choose a company that offers safe and efficient packing
  • Make sure that they offer good warehouse and closed container facility for car transportation.
  • Check the car transportation charges offered by car carrier in Pune in advance and hire a company that offers cost effective car transport service.
  • Check the hidden charges that are generally charged by companies in the name of reduced prices.

By following these tips on how to prepare a car for transport, can have peace of mind and stress- free transportation process. The professional car transportation services providers also help you to prepare your car for transportation and help to save time, and energy .