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Six Checklist Before Handing Over Your Car and Bike to Packers Movers in Pune

Six Checklist Before Handing Over Your Car and Bike to Packers Movers in Pune

So you are soon moving to a new home and seeking vehicle relocation from Pune ? Make sure you contact only professional car and bike transport company in Pune which has the expertise to shift your vehicles.  If you seek auto shifting of both your bike and car then you have to choose a relevant shifting company which handles both types of vehicles. So how do you go about a hassle free car and motorcycle or bike transportation in pune? We help you out with this six point checklist before handing over your to car transporters in pune or bike packers movers in Pune

1.  Hire IBA approved packers and movers - When you set out for car and bike shifting in pune make sure you hire a qualified moving company that is accredited with the Indian Banking Association. IBA approved packers and movers are equipped with a wide network of trucks and expert staff who can handle car and motorcycle shifting together anywhere in India. Thus choosing these recognised shifting companies is recommended in Pune.

2.   Read reviews and take feedback of services - Before choosing the vehicle shifting company in Pune always do your homework well. Check online reviews to access whether the company you are seeking to hire is genuine and has provided relevant services in the past. You can also ask your friends or family for feedback to understand if your auto sifting company is trustworthy.

3.  Compare prices / get shifting quotes - Another very important thing to do before hiring a car & bike transport company in pune  is to ask for shifting quotes from various companies. Ask 3-4 companies for such free quotes and then compare the same to understand which company is the best.

4.    Choose experience and expertise - When making the decision on which car and motorcycle shifting company to choose, always look out for relevant experience. Ask the company questions about manpower and equipment they have since these will make a lot of difference. If the company you choose doesn’t have expertise in moving car and bike together then your decision could backfire.

5.    Do necessary paperwork- After deciding the vehicle relocation company, do all necessary paperwork with them to avoid any conflict. Paperwork and documentation detailing the scope of work is very important so if any disagreement is there on the services or costing then there is a mandate to refer to.

6.    Seek Insurance - Please remember that your regular car and bike insurance will not hold true during relocation. Thus seek separate insurance cover dor vehicle transportation. This will help in covering any damage that happens to the vehicles during transit