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Tips and guides for Car and Bike Shifting Services in Pune

Tips and guides for Car and Bike Shifting Services in Pune

Making the selection of best bike shifting in pune or bike transport in pune Company means you may have to research well different options available in the market. The task may not be impossible to accomplish, but has to be done wisely. You have to be familiar to follow the right guidelines that need to be followed. You just don’t have to make few random calls to different service providers in the town. Some details that need to be looked into are mentioned here in this article.

Decide the Type of Services you need

The moment you need to hire car and bike freight services, to move your vehicle from one destination to another, you may have to look into all possible regulations that have to be followed. You also have to get familiar with options like – enclosed and open type of car transport in puneservices. These are two distinct methods that are provided by each service provider.

  • When selecting open shipment method the task is usually performed by the service provider using trucks. Such services are efficient in transporting ten to twelve cars at the same time. Each of the vehicles is always shifted to a pre-decided point. This is the pick up point where you may have to contact them for your vehicle. The method of shipment by car shifting in pune is ideal choice if the transit destination is within few miles of radius.

Distance Options

This method is generally made use of by companies that are shifting vehicles to a much bigger distance within the region. The service providers always ensure that the cars are enclosed in closed containers before shipment. The containers are then loaded on top of a crane or transporting vessel. The method is generally used if the shipment has to be done across borders from one country to another.

For more efficient delivery the service provider may also book the shipment with air cargo services. Such car transportation or car carrier in pune offers with convenience where you save a lot of time and money.

Procedure to be Followed for your Vehicle

This factor means that you may have to look into all possible documentation before shipment. These procedures are important if you have to move the car from one state or country to another. The paper works may be time consuming so hiring a professional service is always advisable. In either case, the authorities will always check with full documentation with the car transportation in Pune company in advance.

This simple procedure also ensures that you shall safely receive the shipment at the decided point and on time. The procedure also involves the transporting company and customer to negotiate on all terms and conditions in advance.

A set of documents also have to be maintained with you that has to be flourished at the time of collection. The vehicle is only released by the service provider once you have inspected it for no further damages caused during shipment. Genuine car transport in Pune will always ensure that they follow all regulations.

Insurance Claims

If you have selected a reputable service provider then he will also ensure that you are provided with full insurance coverage. This policy proves helpful in case any damage is done to the vehicle at the time of shipment. Most Bike transport in Pune services offer with insurance coverage before shipment.

Duty Issues

When planning to shift your bike or car from one state to another you may have to get duties cleared from authorities. The task is taken care of by reputable car shifting in Pune companies prior to shifting process.

It is important to get all documents prepared in advance so there is no issue at the time of shipment from one state to another. If the vehicle has to be moved across borders then you may also have to ensure that the documents are prepared for inspection by the authorities. Car transportation company in Pune ensure that the process is done on timely basis.